Kandia FPS is based in Nairobi, Kenya at the very heart of the equator. The tropical Climatic conditions provide excellent growing weather throughout the year. Our clients can rest easy on an all year round supply.

What we do!
We are a provider of choice for clients looking for quality horticultural produce. Our broad range of products include; beans, snow peas, sugar snaps, garden peas, avocadoes, Mangos, Passion fruits, baby corn and sugar cane among others.

Fresh is the name and whatever we can grow, you shall get it fresh! We are built on a heritage of quality delivery, excellence and industry knowledge.

Our Vision

"To be the leading exporter of horticultural produce in Kenya".


    Be environmental and social friendly.
    Procure and package predominantly for the Export Market.
    Expand our market base.
    Diversify product range.
    Maintain a fully integrated system.
    Maintain high quality service in all aspects to the clients.
    Alleviate Poverty.